At American Muscle, we make it easy to get the car you want.


 Whether it's a Muscle Car or a Classic Cruiser, your dream car can now be a reality.

Our customers want to know three things...  

1.  How do they find their dream car?

2. How do they get it to New Zealand?

 3. How do they get it road legal so they can start driving it on NZ roads?

At American Muscle, we've made the whole process simple. With LTSA requirements and LVVTA cert requirements, compliance for New Zealand roads has never been easier.

Here's how it works...

We locate your dream car, organise pickup anywhere in America, get it packed into a container and taken to the Port. Once it's on its way to New Zealand, we set up in preparation for its arrival. When it arrives, we take care of all Customs and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries NZ

   requirements, then transport the vehicle to Hamilton for you to take possession. 

We keep you up to date throughout every step of the process, making purchasing your dream car a simple and hassle-free experience.

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American Muscle

Making dreams 

come true.